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Financing a Business Incubator | Jumanne Mtambalike

Published: Sep, 2017 | Jumanne Mtambalike

Currently, there are over 300 tech hubs across 93 major African cities in 42 countries according to GSMA. Even though everyone is a happy with this trend of rise of Tech Hubs in Africa as centre for innovation and technology entrepreneurship in cities, still there has been a question of how these hubs can be runned sustainably. Sahara Ventures offfered this course to African tech hub through the partnership with Afrilabs.

The general objective of this course is to explore different models that can be adopted by African and global Business Incubators (accelerators and co-creation spaces) to attain financial stability hence operating sustainably. The course will base on facilitators personal experience on running and managing tech hubs, challenges and opportunities of the sector. More details of the course can be accessed here.

Digital Markets and Growth of Music Business Africa | Richard Njau

Published: May, 2017 | Jumanne Mtambalike

Richard Njau expert on Digital Marketing and Contents Creation explaining the opportunities for East African musicians and content creators on digital platforms. Lack of localized digital contents in East Africa is a challenge but also create an opportunity for contents create to build viable businesses due to the huge demand of these contents by both individuals and companies. More videos of the session can be accessed here.