Sahara Consulting

Project management consulting firm focusing on managing
for impact projects in Africa.

About Us

Sahara Consulting

Sahara Consulting is a project management firm focusing on managing projects that creates an impact on the community. Our projects are sustainable data-driven projects designed with the user while considering the needs of the ecosystem. We use ICT tools and adopt innovative approaches.

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What We Do

Sahara Consulting

Project Management

Sahara Consulting design and manage for impact projects. Sahara Consulting works with private sector, public sector, and development sector partners on designing projects which are data-driven and user-centric. Sahara Consulting promotes the concept of open innovation by sharing and capturing learning in all the projects we implement.

Community Engagement

Sahara Consulting conducts community engagement activities, Sahara puts the community at the center of the designing process by working directly with the beneficiaries. Sahara Consulting is working with partners on implementing community projects in the rural, peri-urban and urban areas accross Africa.

Project Design

Sahara Consulting helps project partners on designing projects that create impact in the community. Our approach is in adopting innovative tools and ICT solutions to address community problems. Sahara Consulting designed projects that are sustainable and build to scale. Sahara Consults adopts entrepreneurial approaches on design projects by incorporating business models that encourage formation of social enterprises.

Data Collection

Sahara Consulting helps projects partners who are looking to collect data from the community with the aim of creating positive interventions that will ensure impact creation at the grassroots level. Sahara Consulting is embracing the concepts of data-driven projects and agile monitoring and evaluation approach ensuring data being captured at each stage of the project implementation process.